The Scope and Nature of Practice of Professional Electronics Engineer

The PECE Consultant


The scope and nature of practice of the ECE as defined in this Section shall be also applicable to the PECE, with the sole difference that it shall only be  the latter who can provide consulting services as  defined  in   R.A.  No.  9292, and to sign and seal electronics plans, drawings, permit applications, specifications, reports and other technicaldocuments prepared by himself/ herself and/or under his/her direct supervision;

ECEs are not prevented from rendering design work and providing/assuming any supervisory role in electronics works and related fields; provided, that all plans, drawings, specifications, reports and related  technical documents resulting or produced from such works which shall be submitted to regulatory authorities and/or that impacts on life, limb and property shall be reviewed and accordingly signed and sealed only by a  PECE, to indicate that the PECE approves of and assumes responsibility for the technical accuracy and correctness, as well as the safety aspects,of the works represented by such documents;

Consulting services, as previously defined in Section 3, Article I of R.A. No. 9292 is further clarified herein as those consulting services rendered by the PECE regardless of the manner of compensation from the beneficiary thereof.

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