PECE 102: Primer on PECE Sign and Seal Consultancy (part 1)

After passing the technical upgrading for Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE). . .


You need to wait for your oath-taking as Professional Electronics Engineer before doing anything else. . .

Oath-taking Picture 

Then, apply for a PRC Identification Card. . .

Engr. Marin's PRC Card (Back) Engr. Marin's PRC Card (Front)


Then, go to your nearest City or Municipal Hall to pay for Professional Tax Receipt (Note: This need to be renewed annually. A PTR is only valid until December 31 of the current year.)

Engr. Marin's PTR Receipt

You should also apply for IECEP Identification Card to you current local chapter.


Next: Creating your own PECE portfolio. . .

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