IECEP Foundation EST Roadshow 3.0

Electronics Systems & Technologies (EST) Roadshow by IECEP Foundation

IECEP Foundation EST 3.0 (1)IECEP Foundation EST 3.0 (2)

IECEP National Events for 2018

To fellow PECEs, ECEs, and ECTs, don’t miss this IECEP National Events for 2018

IECEP Professional TrackIECEP AGMM 2018

1st Gov ECE Summit 2018

Participating together with Government PECEs, ECEs and ECTs

The PECE Consultant

A Freelance practitioner serving the Greater Metropolitan Manila and beyond

IECEP Rizal 1st AGM and Roadshow

Let’s support and participate. . .Go! Go! Go! IECEP Rizal!IECEP Rizal Roadshow

IECEP Lifetime Membership

IECEP National, once again, is re-launching Lifetime Membership for our IECEP Home Project. Let’s support this endeavor!

IECEP Lifetime Membership 1

IECEP Lifetime Membership

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IECEP Midyear Convention 2015

Inviting my fellow Electronics Professionals (PECE, ECE and ECT) to attend our Midyear Convention this May 29-31, 2015. (courtesy  of IECEP Ilocos Chapter)

IECEP Midyear Convention 2015

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