1st Gov ECE Summit 2018

Participating together with Government PECEs, ECEs and ECTs

The PECE Consultant

A Freelance practitioner serving the Greater Metropolitan Manila and beyond

IECEP Rizal 1st AGM and Roadshow

Let’s support and participate. . .Go! Go! Go! IECEP Rizal!IECEP Rizal Roadshow

IECEP Mid-Year Convention 2018

IECEP Mid-year 2018

Let’s Prepare, Participate and Promote. . .Visit: http://iecep.ph/cpd/iecep-2018-mid-year-convention/


Philippine Electronics Code: The Old meets New. . .


Learning from what is written. . . Applying them to the practice of profession. See IECEP website for more details, http://iecep.ph/2016/07/21/souvenir-programme/

IECEP FIRST – A pre-IECEP National Convention 2017 Event

see http://iecep.ph/2017/01/15/iecep-ph-2/


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IECEP National Convention 2017


IECEP 2017