The Professional Electronics Engineer in the Philippines

Eduardo Marin, Professional Electronics Engineer No. 0000548

Eduardo Marin, Professional Electronics Engineer No. 0000548

What is the Nature and  Scope of Practice of Electronics Engineer?
The scope and nature of practice of the Electronics Engineer shall embrace and consist of any work or activity relating to the application of engineering sciences and/or principles to the investigation, analysis, synthesis, planning, design, specification, research and development, provision, procurement, marketing and sales, manufacture and production, construction and installation, tests/ measurements/ control,operation, repair, servicing, technical support and maintenance of electronic components, devices, products, apparatus, instruments, equipment, systems, networks, operations and processes in the fields of electronics, including communications and/or telecommunications, information and communications technology (ICT), computers and their networking and hardware/ firmware/ software development and applications, broadcast/ broadcasting, cable and wireless television, consumer and industrial electronics, electro-optics/ photonics/ optoelectronics, electromagnetics, avionics, aerospace, navigational and military applications, medical electronics, robotics, cybernetics, biometrics and all other related and convergent fields; it also includes the administration, management, supervision and regulatory aspects of such works and activities; similarly included are those teaching and training activities which develop the ability to use electronic engineering fundamentals and related advanced knowledge in electronics engineering, including lecturing and teaching of technical and professional subjects given in the electronics engineering and electronics technician  curriculum and licensure examinations.

What is the Nature and  Scope of Practice of Professional Electronics Engineer?

The scope and nature of practice of the ECE as defined in this Section shall be also applicable to the PECE, with the sole difference that it shall only be  the latter who can provide consulting services as  defined  in   R.A.  No.  9292, and to sign and seal electronics plans, drawings, permit applications, specifications, reports and other technical documents prepared by himself/ herself and/or under his/her direct supervision;


–excerpts from the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act No. 9292

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